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  • the LOGO carving car charger

the LOGO carving car charger


  • the LOGO carving car charger

Product parameters:
1 Product size: 1 100*43*8MM
2 Product weight: 2 48g
3 color: black,color can be customized
4 material: PC+ crystal
5 interface: double USB
6 input voltage: DC 12-24V, 36V (MAX)
7 output voltage: DC 5V;
8 output current: 2.1A, 3.1A (MAX)
9: ROSH FCC with CE certification
10 for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/6 iPad, Samsung and other mobile phone and PDA


Product advantages:
1 crystal and plastic material
2 the use of crystal inside carving characteristic, add custom LOGO
3 lighting design, the product is connected with the power supply in the car, highlighting the crystal luminous effect of LOGO
4 The location of the LOGO carving, suitable for brand promotion
5 dual USB interface, to solve the worry after car entertainment
6 2.1A stable output current, the current market for Smart Handheld products
7 coil pressure, safety and stability, to ensure the safe use of the car