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  • Ibreathalyzer Mini

Ibreathalyzer Mini


  • Ibreathalyzer Mini


Is a device to analyze the Breath Alcohol Levels for personal-use.

Download the APP and connect it to your iOS/Android devices, it provides an easy way to check before you drive.


* Portable

   Mini-sized, retractable plug, a keyring to carry.

* Smart

   Auto-set the Testing Unit & the Alarm Limits according to location.

* Information & Communication

   Testing results can be stored as a personal record, also, can be shared with others by text messages.

* Auto-calibration

   DIY calibration by users, easy to operate.


1. Size: 59 x 32 x 14 mm (plug not included)

2. Weight: 30 g (battery not included)

3. Sensor: Advanced semiconductor alcohol sensor

4. Power Supply: AAA Battery x 1

5. Plug: 3.5 mm Jack (Audio jack on phones)

6. Color: Black, white